Lodging near MIS – Michigan International Speedway

NASCAR racing is coming back to Michigan International Speedway (MIS) in Brooklyn for the weekend of June 10-12. MIS is NASCAR’s fastest modern track, recording speeds of over 200 miles per hour. Fans who want to see the fastest cars and want to stay for the weekend in a comfortable air conditioned room may look to the Munro House in Jonesville for lodging about a half hour from the track. When comfort, location, restaurants, and privacy are on your list of requirements, the Munro House may be your best bet.
Fans are notorious for camping on, or near, the MIS grounds. When tens of thousands of people descend upon South Central Michigan for one of two annual NASCAR races, there just aren’t enough permanent lodging facilities in the area to handle them all. Nearby hotels, motels, B&Bs, and Inns can accommodate hundreds of guests for the races, but thousands of guests come in for a day, or camp out for the entire weekend. Tents, campers, and RVs are the choice of a majority of race fans at MIS. With normal temperatures in the 80s, many fans would rather escape the hot, dusty, and crowded campgrounds for a more comfortable experience.
Mike Venturini, M&Ms, cutout, selfie, photo op, Wal-martMike & Lori run the Munro House and welcome guests to their slice of comfort in the oldest house in the county. Despite its age, Munro House has large quiet bedrooms with private baths. All rooms a shower, a queen size bed, cable TV, quiet-comfortable air conditioning, and free wireless internet. A big breakfast is offered every day, even though many guests prefer something ‘to go’ or have passes to MIS hospitality tents that include brunch and entertainment. During the week preceding the race, our local retail outlets typically have race cars on display, along with hospitality people and photo op cutouts of your favorite drivers.
With a majority of fans already at the campgrounds onsite at MIS, traffic to and from the track has become reasonable. The police and track officials have fine-tuned getting back and forth to the track into a very manageable time frame. With no traffic, the drive from Jonesville is about 35 minutes. Before the logistics were figured out, the same drive could take 3 hours on race day. Now, most of our guests have reported that getting to and from the track is about an hour or less. It is great to know that a clean and comfortable bed in a quiet air conditioned room is just a short drive away.
cutout, NASCAR, Mike Venturini, MIS Additionally, Jonesville was recently recognized as being one of the best small towns in America for food. Olivia’s Chop House and Saucy Dog’s Barbeque are two great places to enjoy great food. Both are just 2 blocks from Munro House. You could eat burgers and junk food at the track all weekend long, but if you are looking for a quality meal at a fair price on race weekend, Jonesville has the best to offer in the area.

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