Michigan Summer Getaway Package

Munro House Green sign on lamp post surrounded by shrubbery in front of white businessA relaxing summer getaway package is available without going all the way to the lake or the bridge. Sometimes there just isn’t time to go to those far away places. That is when Jonesville can appear on your radar as a viable option to enjoy a quality getaway. The whole idea of a getaway is to get away from the hustle of work and everyday life. Going from one crowded place to another can be avoided by breaking away to the ideal getaway place that is in Jonesville. Picture this: 5 cars at a stoplight is our version of a traffic jam. Great small town restaurants is part of what made Jonesville famous. Highly complimented massage therapists is another ideal ingredient to a romantic weekend getaway. Movie passes to a great newly released flick with little fear of it being sold out helps couple enjoy an old fashioned date. What would a couples’ getaway be without ice cream? Add in two nights bed and breakfast to create a Summer getaway that includes a great itinerary.
White couple in seafood restaurant, woman in green shirt, man in striped Michigan Logo shirtTwo of the best restaurants around are located just 2 blocks from the Munro House in Jonesville. It is great to be able to walk to dinner, and it happens to be romantic, too. Saucy Dog is a great BBQ restaurant just two blocks away. Ribs, pulled chicken, pulled pork, and beef brisket, plus sandwiches are on the menu. Right across the street is Olivia’s Chop House. They offer steaks and seafood, but also have interesting entrees including prime rib, roast duck, and a pork rib eye. Appetizers, soups, salads, and desserts are also pleasant surprises in this small town.
White couple eating ice cream on a stick one cherry and one chocolate

Just 3 blocks away is the perennial people’s choice for ice cream in Hillsdale County–The Udder Side. They used to be known as Jonesville Dairy Treats. Their previous location was land-locked and had no room for a drive-up window. So, they waited until a building burned down on “da udder side of the street”. They built a new facility, got their drive-up window, and continued selling frozen dairy treats right next to McDonald’s. On a stick, in a cone, or in a bowl, the Udder Side has developed original creations that include hard pack and soft serve ice cream along with cold drinks, shakes, and fast food.


Fried egg over easy, German pancake, bacon on vintage stone wearHalf of B&B is the breakfast. A big hot meal is offered each morning with choices that could include waffles, pancakes, or French toast along with oatmeal and lots of goodies, plus eggs done several different ways. Everything comes with coffee, fruit, juice, and an option for bacon. Nobody has to leave the table until they are full. No one has to leave Jonesville hungry. With so many good choices for food, everything else is a bonus.

Mike Venturini

“Life is good in Jonesville”

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