Murder Mystery on New Years Weekend

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Another Murder Mystery Dinner is planned for New Years weekend at this Michigan Bed and Breakfast. Munro House B&B in Jonesville has hosted hundreds of Murder Mysteries since 2000. The experience is to provide a night of adult-themed fun for like-minded couples over a great meal. The party is interactive where everyone plays a role and anyone could be the murderer. However, the guilty party does not know they are the killer, so there is no worry about someone spilling the beans.


several seared steaks with blackened grill marksA five course meal is served while the game is played. First, the mood is set with the telling of funny stories while an appetizer with wine is served. Everyone is given a role, complete with history, motive, and dialogue suggestions, along with a funky hat for each character. Then, the game begins. Everyone has clues that must be divulged while soup, salad, and entree is served. Lively conversation and accusations are encouraged during dinner. The mystery is solved over dessert.

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When New Years Eve falls on a Saturday, the Murder Mystery is scheduled for Friday night while a cooking party occurs on Saturday. Additional murder mystery parties are scheduled throughout the year at various intervals. Private murder mysteries can be scheduled on any available date when there are 8-12 people in the group. Call 1-800-320-3792 to reserve your spot at the table or to join another event.

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