Review: Blue Apron Meals By Mail

Man in blue shirt with woman wearing glasses in grey shirt cooking in kitchen with black and white wall tilesWow! I have heard commercials about Blue Apron for quite a while now. A friend recommended purchasing meals by mail through Blue Apron mail order food service. I took him up on it and got my first week free. 

The 3 meal delivery arrived today. Inside the box was all this food. I separated the food by meal plan into separate bags. Tonight’s meal was spicy shrimp and bucatini pasta. We followed the directions and had a fun night cooking together in the kitchen. 

Woman in grey sweatshirt wearing glasses reading Blue Apron recipe while cooking in kitchen with black and white tilesI have never cooked with kale before. Shrimp is not an item I typically choose as the main protein. We spent some quality time together in the kitchen and produced a meal that I was surprised was so good. The portions were huge–I was full with my half of the meal. 

This is restaurant quality food that we were able to make by ourselves in our own kitchen without having to supply any ingredients, except salt, pepper, olive oil, and a bottle of wine. We really enjoyed the entire process. From the start until finishing the meal was about 1 hour. Two thumbs up to Blue Apron. 

Woman in grey sweatshirt with man in blue polo shirt having dinner of pasta and greens with a glass of white wineIf I had to pay for this first week’s delivery it would have been $60, or $20 per meal, or $10 per meal per person. It was worth it. I am looking forward to cooking the other two meals with the ingredients I have already separated in the refrigerator. We intend to cook together 3 times per week. This is going to significantly cut down on our intake of spaghetti, tacos, burgers, and pizza.

Bucatini pasta with green kale shrimp and lemon wedge from Blue Apron recipeWe will get another box next Friday. Then we have chosen to skip two weeks because of Christmas and New Year’s. We will be back on the plan the first week of January. This was a fun, healthy, and delicious experience. 

My biggest problem with cooking is the meal planning. Blue Apron has removed that portion from the equation by sending all of the ingredients for each meal. This first meal was outstanding.
















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