Valentines Day B&B Getaway in Michigan

When Valentine’s Day falls during the week, like it does this year, the weekend preceding the holiday has a high demand for a getaway. Additionally, the weekend following the holiday has a high demand for romantic getaways that couldn’t be scheduled on the earlier date. As this is one of those holidays that often puts the onus on the guy in the relationship to plan a date, his idea can be as simple as flowers and chocolates, or dinner and a movie, or massages for both of you, or a room with a Jacuzzi tub, or all of the above. At the Munro House in Jonesville, all of the arrangements can be made in a 10 minute phone call. First, pick a date. The week before Valentine’s Day, the actual holiday night, the week after, or another available date. Then choose, the room. A deluxe room with a Jacuzzi tub for 2 is the premium choice, but a comfortable room with a fireplace could be a good choice, too. Then, add on elements of romance such as flowers, chocolates, movie tickets, dinner, or the ultimate gift: an hour of massage. Finally, secure your reservation with a credit card guarantee.

Note that the popularity of Jacuzzi Tubs at any B&B make them the most desirable rooms. This means that planning weeks ahead of time will give you the best chance of securing the best room. Waiting until the last minute will mean you might have to step up the rest of the getaway package. Coming to Jonesville means that you will probably want to go to the best restaurant in the area. Olivia’s Chop House is just 2 blocks away and is a fine dining restaurant known for Prime Rib and Seafood. One rose is a fine gift, but a dozen roses in a floral arrangement is a fantastic surprise. An hour of massage is the ultimate touch. To have a professional, who knows what they are doing put their hands on you, is the pinnacle of personal pleasure. These elements, and more, are available with a package found on our Monthly Promotions tab for February under Packages. There are additional Packages available under Romantic Getaways and Anytime Getaways tabs. If you want something really special, we would be happy to work with you in putting together a custom package. But don’t wait to long. Valentine’s Day is coming.


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