Michigan Spring Break Ideas

Munro House Bed and Breakfast in Jonesville. The best place to stay in Southern Michigan.When it’s time for a Spring Getaway in Michigan, the Munro House B&B in Jonesville has plenty of ideas for a short, fun vacation. While many people are going to Florida, going with them is only adding to the crowd size and the hustle. To truly get away for a relaxing weekday or weekend getaway, Jonesville offers low traffic, small crowds, excellent food, and a great place to stay. But the best part of the travel to Southern Michigan is that this destination is less than 2 hours from Detroit. Lansing, Battle Creek, Grand Rapids, Fort Wayne, and Toledo.

Riverfest Canoe Races on the St. Joseph River in Jonesville, MI. 3rd weekend in May.Current packages and upcoming events:

  • Spring Getaway package includes 2 dinners, 2 massages, and 2 movie passes added to 2 nights bed and breakfast.
  • April Rollback includes reduced prices on all rooms April 1-15 when you stay 2 nights.
  • April Appetite includes all meals added to the April Rollback discount.
  • Easter Bunny includes reduced rates on all rooms over Easter Weekend April 14-17.
  • Moms are Special in May pamper package getaway for mothers-daughters.
  • Sauk Shorts includes dinners plus tickets to see a series of 1 Act Plays at the Sauk Theater in Jonesville May 4-7. 
  • People in fancy hats toasting with Mint Juleps during the running of the Kentucky DerbyChef Night Cooking Party is an interactive cooking party where guests help prepare a feast in the Graffiti Kitchen at Munro House weekend of May 6. Includes a Mint Julep break during the running of the Kentucky Derby.
  • Jonesville Riverfest Festival with car show, arts, crafts, canoe races, triathlon, 3-on-3 Basketball tournament, live entertainment, and more the weekend of May 20.
  • Armed Forces Day Military Discount for veterans who stay 2 days including May 20,
  • Memorial Day Weekend discount pricing when you stay 2 days over the holiday weekend.

Saucy Dogs Barbeque in Jonesville Michigan. Best BBQ since 2005. Dogs playing cards agree.Most 2 night packages include a gift card for dinner at our favorite restaurants. We try to send everybody to Saucy Dog’s Barbeque and Olivia’s Chop House for comfort food and fine dining. We think that these are two of the finest restaurants anyone could ask for in a small town. The media agrees and has posted articles about the best small towns in America for foodies and the must try Michigan Restaurants to go along with the Munro House distinction as being one of the top destinations in Michigan for a romantic getaway.


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