Bucket List Ideas

Every now and then, I think about my bucket list. You know, the things you want to do before you ‘kick the bucket’? It was brought up by a guest who had “to sleep over in an Underground Railroad building” on her list. Munro House is one of few places in America where that particular item can be easily checked off the list. I have nipped away at my list
over the years:

man on surfboard riding wave1) ride a Segway
2) climb to the top of the Washington Monument
3) learn to surf
4) ride the Maid of the Mist
5) climb to the top of the Statue of Liberty
6) get kissed by a movie star

I had opportunities to complete a few more in the past year:

1) take a vacation by train.
2) attend a Presidential inauguration
3) participate in a major protest or demonstration
4) have ice cream in Hell (a city in Michigan)
5) try Collard greens

Some things that were on the list, no longer interest me–bungee jumping, skydiving. I need to travel to do most of the other things on my list. Some of the things on my bucket list include:

selfie of man in a crowd of people with umbrellas on the mall in Washington DC during presidential inauguration with jumbo tv screen circled in yellow1) climb Mt. Fuji
2) participate or witness a flash mob
3) see a rocket launch
4) stand on the equator
5) shake hands with a President
6) vacation via sleeper car on a train
7) serve on a jury
8) try caviar
9) eat Spam
10) attend a thoroughbred horse race
11) ride in a rickshaw
12) visit the Neverland Ranch
13) stand on a corner in Winslow, Arizona
14) skip down the Hollywood walk of fame
mike venturini and lori venturini, man and woman carrying pink sign in a protest march15) see the Hollywood sign up close
16) roller skate at Venice Beach
17) travel through a mountain tunnel
18) see the giant redwoods
19) walk around Paris with my lover
20) stand on the Great Wall of China
21) travel through the Rocky Mountains
22) go ice fishing
23) write a book and have it published
24) see the Great Pyramids
24) visit my motherland in the Arctic Circle
25) do the Mackinac Bridge walk
26) climb the “Rocky Stairs”
27) Ride the Orient Express
28) Ride the “City of New Orleans”
29) Ride in a hot air balloon
30) See the Northern Lights
31) Watch the Ball Drop in Times Square
32) Win something on a Game Show 
33) Cross the intersection at Abbey Road barefoot
34) See the new Robocop statue in Detroit
35) Ride a camel in the desert
36) Write a song and hear it performed in public
37) Get paid to give a speech
38) Ride in a driverless car
39) Ride a Zip-Line

mike venturini and lori venturini man and woman boarding blue canada rail trainSome of these things can only happen by chance (#7). Some of these things could be accomplished in a single trip (#12 through #18). Some of these things require travel, time, and effort (#1, #20, #24, #25).

What’s on your list?

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