December B&B Discount Code

Here is an opportunity to make it worth your while to get away to Southern Michigan in December before Christmas. Just stay 2 nights in a room priced at $139 or more at the Munro House in Jonesville to get 22% off lodging when you use discount code 22DD. Two days notice is required. This rate code does not work on Expedia or other online booking sites. You must use the Check Availability button or the Make a Reservation button at the top of this page or at to get the deal.

So why would anyone come to Jonesville in December?

  • The Munro House is a friendly bed and breakfast.
  • Munro House is within 100 miles of several major metropolitan areas in the tri-state area.
  • There is hardly any traffic in Hillsdale County.
  • The antique capital of Michigan in Allen is just 5 minutes away on highway 12.
  • Reserve onsite massage time from a therapeutic masseuse.
  • Spend time in your room getting caught up on popular TV programming on Netflix, network television, or one of several pay channels.
  • Hang out with the one you love and do a whole lot of nothing but relax. 
  • Enjoy great local restaurants like Olivia’s Chop House, Saucy Dog’s BBQ, or Johnny T’s Bistro.

Olivia’s Chop House is a destination in itself. Great food at a reasonable price in an upscale atmosphere. They have the kind of menu that would be welcome in almost any neighborhood–steaks, seafood, pasta, pork, and poultry. They do it all very well. BLT soup is always on the menu, but other nightly creations are special in their unique blend. Bread is served with every meal, but the butter will make it special. Maybe you will get honey butter, or walnut butter, or jalapeno butter. They have a rotating variety that keeps it interesting. I think they have the best calamari on the planet. My decision is based on the fact that it is tender, not chewy. I also think I know the secret ingredient–Vernor’s! There are so many good choices of entrees, that it can be a difficult decision. Prime rib, roast duck, stuffed salmon, or chipotle chicken, just to name a few. Creme Brule for dessert is always a good choice, but a flaming dessert prepared tableside could be the ultimate special occasion final course.

Jonesville is a great location for your winter getaway. Within 100 miles of Kalamazoo, Lansing, Detroit, Toledo, Fort Wayne, and South Bend in the middle of South Central Michigan. Use the code 22DD and let the Munro House help to make your December getaway a little more affordable and a lot more relaxing.

Mike Venturini

“Life is good in Jonesville”


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