10 Valentine’s Day Getaway Ideas

February 2019 calendar with weekends around Valentines day highlighted in yellowValentine’s Day falls on Thursday, February 14, 2019. Key weekends for getaways will be February 8-9 for couples who celebrate early and February 15-16 for couples who celebrate closer to the actual date. For those of you who get President’s Day off on Monday February 18, a Sunday night stay is another option. Most people have work schedules that interfere with celebrating the holiday as an overnight getaway that contains a Thursday. Plan accordingly to make romance coincide with the holiday. Roses and chocolates are traditional gifts, fancy restaurants will be packed, B&B rooms with 2 person Jacuzzi tubs will be in short supply.

Here is a list of desirable gifts for your lover on Valentine’s Day:

  • Flowers – Red Roses are best
  • Chocolates – Truffles are delicious
  • Dinner – Fine dining with steak or seafood
  • Movie – 1st run in theater or Netflix in private
  • Jewelry –  Heart-shaped or marriage proposal
  • Poetry – Self-written rhymes are appreciated
  • Massage – relax and remove stress
  • Attention – Spend time in private
  • Jacuzzi – Go Tubbin’
  • Getaway – Bed and Breakfast

Many fancy restaurants will be open. Some take reservations, some don’t. That means that a romantic dinner will be celebrated before or after Valentine’s Day this year. Spreading the celebration day over a couple of weeks means that the lines may not be as long, the restaurants will not be as crowded, and a perfect night out might be easier to obtain. Surprise your lover a day or week early or make the promise for a romantic getaway on the day to celebrate a few days or weeks later.

The Munro House in Jonesville can make all of the arrangements for a romantic getaway in a single, 10 minute phone call. They have become experts in helping to design a perfect weekend getaway or overnight stay. Just pick a date and choose a room, then decide on the extras to create a tailor-made overnight package. It could include roses, truffles, dinner, movie passes, and massages. You could add the personal touch with a gift of jewelry, poetry, or undistracted one-on-one time. Then arrive to your pre-arranged agenda for a getaway filled with romance.

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