Innkeeper Assessment Program

man and woman smilingDo you need training as a new or aspiring innkeeper? We have been innkeepers at the Munro House Bed & Breakfast in Jonesville, Michigan, for 20 years now. As veterans in the lodging industry, we have served as mentors of local innkeepers in our region. We meet regularly with other innkeepers to discuss business and current trends. We have also served as board members and past presidents of Michigan’s regional and state industry associations. Our resume is quite extensive. We have hosted over 30,000 guests from all 50 states and 75 foreign countries since 1999. Our guests have chosen us as their preferred lodging selection when in town to visit family, friends, and local businesses. A very good foodie scene has brought couples to town for romance and adventure. World class massage and spa services continue to bring girlfriends and groups to our house for relaxation and rejuvenation. 

Man in white shirt with blue collar pointing a finger upwardNew and aspiring innkeepers can invite us to their property for a full day of B&B business assessment. Our day will begin 1 hour before your first scheduled breakfast seating and end by 8:00 PM. We will observe your preparation and serving of breakfast, your cleaning and maintenance techniques, your hosting and communication skills, your internet and social media presence, plus your advertising and promotions in digital and print. We will also assess your image and promotional opportunities in your community. We will provide a list of recommendations or best practices to improve your business. We will assess your business by request at a fee of $495. For properties more than 50 miles away or with breakfast seating that starts before 8:00 AM, a complimentary night of lodging is required. We will service clients in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio on a choice of weekends or weekdays.

Open mouthed couple each holding a fan of U.S. moneyOur goal is to help you to become a better host, boss, and business person. Many innkeepers get off to a good start in their B&B, but fall behind on some critical aspects of their job because of time constraints or failed task prioritization. Even experienced innkeepers get into a routine that might omit or gloss over some crucial objectives of their B&B business. We will help you to identify where you need help and point to sources that will be of good use. Standards, shortcuts, and best practices could make your business more efficient, less stressful, and more profitable.

2 thoughts on “Innkeeper Assessment Program

  1. I am interested in owning a B & B. I am currently the Office Manager and Bookkeeper for a multi doctor office in Jackson, Mi

    What my goal would be is to have the B & B but to use it also for seminars on Marriage, and Christian men’s and women’s conference.

    Can you give me any help knowing how to start.

    We are also a multi Scotty family. ❤️

    Thank you.

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