Because America had a President named James Monroe and a movie star named Marilyn Monroe, many people think that M-O-N-R-O-E is the only correct spelling of the name. However, there are 4 recognized spellings of this Scottish Clan. Choose from Monro, Monroe, Munro, and Munroe. According to various histories of the clan, the surname appears to be Gaelic. Munro is the old Scottish spelling and translations could mean ‘mountain’, ‘red-haired tonsured one’, or ‘a man from the River Roe’.

Our bed and breakfast in Jonesville, MI is spelled using the 3rd version M-U-N-R-O. Although all 4 spellings are correct, it is sometimes difficult for people who have heard about us to find us because of the more familiar Presidential spelling.

Rest assured that if you are looking for the Munro House Bed & Breakfast and Spa in Jonesville, Michigan, and you didn’t spell it the same way we do, but you are here, then you are in the right place.