Boat House Coldwater MI Restaurant


The Boat House Restaurant on Coldwater Lake has been getting a lot of buzz lately. It’s about a half hour drive from the Munro House in Jonesville. We hopped on our GoldWing and decided to check it out.

Coldwater Lake is just beautiful. It is a large body of water with housing developments everywhere. Some homes or cottages are lakeside, but most just have lake access. The winding road that circumnavigates the lake is a very scenic drive. About midway on the East side of the lake is the Boat House.  The restaurant is located right on the lake with its patron parking lot across the street.
Entering the Boat House at street level is the fine dining restaurant. Friends and acquaintances have described the food as the best they’ve had outside of a big city. The owner takes pride in obtaining ingredients locally. That includes the seafood, fruits, vegetables, and meat.  We were told that they hand pick their farm animals and have them fed a specific diet until they are just the right size for the most tender cuts of meat. Expect to spend $100 per couple for a 5 course dinner.
Downstairs at lakeside is a bar and enclosed deck area on the dock for a more casual meal. Sandwiches and salads dominate the menu, but steaks and seafood are available, too.  The dining area is open air, but screened in, to enjoy the experience of being on the lake. The sandwiches are under $10, the steaks and seafood are under $20.
I am in search of the world’s best cheeseburger and found a very good one at the Boat House.  The presentation was superior, and the lakeside ambiance was most comfortable. These elements combined for a very relaxing and enjoyable night out.

Mike Venturini
Jonesville Michigan Bed and Breakfast Innkeeper
“Life is good in Jonesville”

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