Olivia’s Chop House replaces Chicago Water Grill in Jonesville

The restaurant formerly know as the Chicago Water Grill in downtown Jonesville is under construction and is scheduled to reopen in 2011 under a new name, Olivia’s Chop House. A horrific fire burned down the grill in November of 2009, the reconsturction began in July of 2010, and the restaurant should be open by Valentine’s Day.  The Hillsdale Daily News reports that owner Wayne Babcock chose to name it after his new born child, Olivia.
The new restaurant is being built on the space that used to be occupied by the Chicago Water Grill and May’s Furniture Store.  The new construction will be much larger than the original restaurant.  There will be a bar, restaurant, private dining room, banquet room, and band stand.

Mike Venturini
Jonesville Michigan Bed and Breakfast Innkeeper

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