Southern Michigan Winter Getaway

Folks from Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio can enjoy a winter getaway at a bed and breakfast in Michigan without going all the way to the Great Lakes or to the Mackinac Bridge. The Munro House is a full time B&B in Jonesville Michigan that is just 20 miles from the Indiana/Ohio border where out of state folks can go “up north” by just crossing the Michigan border.
The winter getaway package includes 2 dinners at 2 restaurants that are just 2 blocks away, 2 on-site massages by a world class masseuse, and 2 tickets to see a new release movie at the local theater. An easy walk to Saucy Dog’s Barbeque and Olivia’s Chop House on snowy days makes the location ideal for a winter getaway.

Mike Venturini

Jonesville Michigan Bed and Breakfast Innkeeper

“Life is good in Jonesville”

2 thoughts on “Southern Michigan Winter Getaway

  1. Stephanie. That picture is from last winter. It was taken during the President's Day ice storm, and is one of the better winter photos I have of my house. I thought I took some pictures after the 8 inches we got last week, but I can't find them.

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