Another Murder Mystery in Michigan 5-26-12

8 Players joined us at the big table for another Murder Mystery Dinner at the Munro House B&B in Jonesville, MI. A 5 course meal was served that included shrimp cocktail appetizer, cream of broccoli soup, house salad, an entree choice of rib eye steak or pecan salmon with baked potato and marsala carrots, and finished with hot cherry pie a la mode.


4 couples quickly became adversaries and friends as they played various characters in the interactive murder mystery. It seemed that everyone had a motive. But, did everyone have the opportunity to commit the crime? Was everyone capable of the method to do the deed? Were the clues too subtle or too outrageous to fit the crime?


The characters were introduced while the appetizer was served. The game was played during the soup, salad. and entree. A discussion of the crime and the potential suspects were examined over dessert. In the end, one super-sleuth put 99% of the clues together and named the murderer.Murder Mysteries are hosted randomly at the Munro House throughout the year with November being Murder Mystery Month. Pick a date for a private event or to start a new gathering, or stay tuned to facebook to be informed of upcoming packages and special events.



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