Sunday Dinner Cooking Party in Michigan

Coming soon: Sunday Dinner Bed and Breakfast Package at Munro House in Jonesville. 4-7 couples reserve a foodie night in Southern Michigan. We will be cooking and eating for 5-6 hours–then sleep it off in the room of your choice. This package is available to private groups of 4-7 couples by reservation only. An overnight stay is required. Choose a date, then arrive with your family, friends, or colleagues to Jonesville MI for an interactive evening building relationships in a cooperative effort to create and consume an uncommon variety of foods in a 5+ course meal.

Couples arrive at 2:00 and begin the cooking party at about 3:00. The first appetizer will be served at about 4:00, followed by more appetizers, soup, salad, entree, and dessert freshly prepared in our kitchen. We will complete our Sunday dinner at about 9:00, then retire to our rooms, and awaken to a big breakfast before heading home.


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