Mister Mike is a Grandfather.

Layne Michael Venturini is here! 7 lb 2 1/2 oz. (same as our son Chris when he was born). Black hair and beautiful! Born at 1:16 pm, Wednesday August 29, 2012 in Jeju City, South Korea.  Proud Grandma Lori is in Jeju helping out the new parents. New Grandpa Mike will be joining them soon.

Typical Korean hospitalization for a baby delivered by C-section is for the mother and child to remain in the hospital for a week. Visitors may stay and sleep on the floor–the typical sleeping arrangements in Korea. Total cost? About $500 for the operation, recovery, meals, formula, diapers, incubator, meds, stitches and hospital stay.

Mike Venturini

“Life is good in Jonesville”

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