Premiere Theater in Hillsdale Has a New Look

Premiere Theater in Hillsdale is updating the consumer’s experience by improving the look and the feel of the theater. I saw “Gravity” on Screen #5 today and was blown away by the improvements that appear to be complete in #5. The 3D effects were awesome. I can only assume that the projector is state of the art. I do not remember better effects in a 3D movie that was not a cartoon. The surround sound was loud, directional,  and crystal clear.

The new seating is better than business class on an airplane. The chairs are made of leather. They are large and comfortable with high seat backs, padded arm rests, a cup holder, and a smooth recline. There is so much leg room, that there is no need to stand up to allow people to pass by. It was an excellent viewing experience in the comfort of those big new chairs. 


There are also improvements being made to the lobby, ticket booth, and concession stand. Workers were unpacking and organizing materials throughout the evening. Employees said that they expect this construction to be completed this weekend. I have not been in any of the other screening rooms yet, but I have heard that the main screen may go to stadium seating (if it hasn’t been done already). This is a welcome improvement to enhance the movie going experience for people in Hillsdale County. I have been a regular patron of Premiere Theater. I come here to see a show at least once a month. These enhancements will make me want to go even more often.

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