Back to School Last Chance Summer Getaway

There is still time for a Summer Getaway in Michigan. Yes, it is time to think about the kids going back to school, but Michigan passed a law a few years ago that requires public schools to open after Labor Day. That means that there is still time for a day trip or long weekend in Michigan. Even if the kids are in school, a Back to School Special Package is still available through mid September. This could be the last chance for teachers and parents to relax and recharge before school starts.

Munro House offers an opportunity for all the decisions to be made for you. We pick the restaurants, we pick the masseuse, and we pick the movie theater as part of the Back to School Getaway Package. You choose what to eat, the intensity of the massage, and the movie to watch. Our selections have a successful rate of service and quality. Your choices have a variety of flavor, intensity, and mood. Together, we can arrange a high quality agenda that puts you in the right places to make good decisions for an enjoyable getaway.

The dinners are located just a two block walk from our house. Saucy Dog is a barbeque place offering ribs, pulled pork, pulled chicken, sandwiches, and beef brisket. It is my favorite restaurant in the whole world–partly because of its proximity to my house, the variety of choices, and the friendly staff. Olivia’s Chop House is a fine dining experience with outstanding soups, salads, and appetizers along with a varied selection of entrees and desserts. Steaks and seafood are featured with additional choices like roast duck and pork shanks. No dress code at either place means patrons can ‘come as you are’.

The massages are done in-house by local professionals who take their job seriously. Our masseuses give every guest a minimum one hour of treatment on the table, and only release them when they are done. A full body massage includes arms, legs, head, neck, and back. The secret to massage is communication. Instructing the masseuse to the intensity and areas of greatest need will lead to a great service.


Our local movie theater has 7 screens featuring new release movies. New flicks from Marvel, Universal, and other studios with Academy Award nominated actors are typical selections. The seating is comparable to business class on an airplane with wide leather reclining seats and plenty of leg room. Soft drinks and large popcorn get free refills.

Get caught up on relaxation, enjoy some great meals, and see a blockbuster movie before Summer ends. It can all be arranged with a single 5 minute phone call, or book it yourself by using our online booking engine.

Mike Venturini

“Life is good in Jonesville” 

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