Southern Michigan Fall Colors

Jonesville Michigan Horse Ranch with brown fence curved road, gray farm buildings, and forest in Fall colorsFall colors are running late this year in Southern Michigan. In previous years, we have been at peak in the middle of October. However, in 2016, we are just approaching peak in late October. Our first frost came late on October 14. That is the first sign that leaves will soon start to change color and begin to fall. Typically, when the walnut trees are completely bare, that is a sign that the oak and maple trees are at full color and about to fall. The walnut trees are still full of leaves, so peak color time is still to come, but the variety of color in late October is spectacular and should continue to be for 2 weeks or more.
Blue lake in Hilldale Michigan with road and paved walking path amidst forest of tree in full fall colorsHillsdale County, Michigan, is mostly rural, There are just over 46,000 people in the whole county, and the largest city has a population of just over 8,200. There is an abundance of farm land. forests, and fields along with an assortment of horse ranches and livestock farms that may include grazing llama and buffalo. Harvest is in full gear with tremendous combine machines on traditional farms and horse drawn teams in the Amish community. There are 81 lakes in Hillsdale County ranging in size from 5-447 acres. Baw Beese Lake is the largest with public parks, boat launch, and a paved walking trail on the Eastern shore.
4 sided clock at Carl Fast Park in Jonesville Michigan with trees in full Fall colorsJonesville is the gem of the county with enchanting parks, noticeably well-maintained streets, a walking trail, popular restaurants, and a couple of historic bed and breakfast inns. The Munro House B&B could be your headquarters for walks around town through well-maintained neighborhoods and to uncommonly good restaurants. The proprietors can point you in the right direction for food, farms, and forests. They can also recommend lakes, parks, and the location of the Amish community–they are not organized like Shipshewana, but their presence is quaint, amuzing, and old-fashioned.
Amber beer with orange slice and steak dinner including green beans

Jonesville is known for being one of the best small towns in America for foodies. Saucy Dog’s Barbeque is a local favorite for ribs, pulled pork, pulled chicken, and sandwiches. However, many people go there for the beef brisket. Their smoker operates for 14 hours before the meats are served. For many people, it’s their favorite restaurant in the whole world. Olivia’s Chop House is the best restaurant for 50 miles. It is a fine dining experience with a casual atmosphere. They are famous for their BLT soup, tender calamari, prime rib, salmon, and 7 layer chocolate cake. It is a big city restaurant with small town prices.



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