Interactive Cooking Party in Jonesville MI

chef night cooking party in the Grafitti Kitchen at Munro HouseTrying to make cooking fun for the average non-professional chef is the objective at Munro House’s interactive chef night cooking party scheduled for Saturday, May 6, 2017. Each overnight guest becomes a chef for the night and participates in preparing a feast for everyone to enjoy. All of the cooks meet up in the Grafitti Kitchen for an evening of preparing a multiple course meal. Appetizers, soup, salad, entrees, vegetable, starch, and dessert are prepared in an array of interesting recipes where all foods are made from scratch. Couples are separated to form 2 person teams who prepare one simple, and one more complicated recipe between the two of them. Lori is the bartender who keeps everything loose with a variety of tasty adult beverages.

two grafitti kitchen chefs preparing a colorful and interesting dinner from scratchFriends, couples, and spouses arrive on Friday night to enjoy a great dinner for 2 at the best restaurant in the county–Olivia’s Chop House. Then retire to your room for Netflix or other forms of relaxation. A big breakfast is served in the morning with several choices. After breakfast, there are a few hours of free time before the amateur chefs gather for instructions and objectives for an evening of slicing, dicing, cutting, chopping, mixing, stirring, pouring, and serving. There is room for up to 12 people at the table, and nobody has to drive home. Another big breakfast is served on Sunday morning before it’s time to check out and return to your responsibilities. There is also a one night package for guests with limited away time, but they must arrive by 3:00 on Saturday.

Kentucky Derby Day means mint juleps and funky hatsSaturday, May 6, also happens to be Kentucky Derby Day. Being fans of the major horse races, a break will be taken before dinner is served to enjoy the running of the most popular horse race in America. There might be some friendly wagering taking place, and there will be Mint Juleps and funky hats for anyone who wants to participate. The two night, two dinner package for two costs $169 plus the cost of your room. Space is limited. Book now. 1-800-320-3792.


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