Christmas Holiday Season at Michigan B&B


Greenfield Village OrnamentIt is a big job to decorate a Christmas Mansion like the Munro House B&B in Jonesville MI. With a Parlor measuring double the size of most family’s Living Room, there is a plethora of space to display holiday items that have been collected over the years. The Christmas Tree is 12 feet tall and requires about 3,000 lights to properly illuminate. Additionally, there are around 3,000 ornaments that are hung from the branches of this majestic tree. This spectacular indoor Christmas Tree rivals the kinds that are seen on Soap Operas. It will be the centerpiece of the parlor in this great old house through early January.

Christmas decoratorsWe enlisted the help of family, friends, and homies to complete the assembly, lighting, and tree trimming task. Each layer of branches was bound and numbered to easily put the different length branches in the correct order. Each string of lights has to be tested to be sure they are still in good working order. We start at the top with the peak, lights,  and star. Then move to the bottom to work our way up. With every layer of branches, we add the lights. We work our way to the top doing branches and lights until we finish at the peak. Next, come the gold bulbs from the back to the trunk. This placement creates a consistent background for the entire project. Individual bulbs require too many hangers, so we bunch them up in groups of three to give the appearance of greater mass. Finally, individual ornaments are placed toward the front of the tree.
911 Memorial OrnamentWhen we vacation, attend an event, or visit a special place, we look for souvenirs that could double as a Christmas Ornament. We have incorporated key chains with sun catchers and other tokens that can easily be hung from a hook. Championships by our favorite sports teams are commemorated with an ornament. Parks, Zoos, and Museums offer collectible hangable items. Cities offer intricate foil skylines of their notable buildings. Each item is placed with care in an appropriate spot. Memories of the significance of these items are shared during the assembly. All of these things commemorate different parts of our lives that always bring a smile and a good story.  
Christmas TrainDecorating of this Christmas Mansion is complete. Christmas Getaways in Michigan can be enjoyed 7 days a week through New Year’s Day. Come to Jonesville to enjoy our Christmas spirit in our great old house.

Mike Venturini

“Life is good in Jonesville”

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