ArtPrize 10

4 women viewing 3 giant orange alligator sculptures in a park in front of a bridge with a skyscraper in the backgroundArtPrize is my favorite thing to do in the Fall. It offers the world’s largest monetary art prize each year in unlimited categories of art. 2018 marks the 10th ArtPrize competition and is now on display and in full swing in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Much of the art is being shown in prominent indoor locations throughout the city with the highest concentration of art in the downtown area. Additionally, large sculptures and murals are on display in parks, street corners, bridges, fountains, automobiles, and even the river. This photo depicts 3 of many large orange alligators that are presented in the park along the river nearest the Gerald R. Ford Museum. One big orange alligator is pretty cool. A lot of them make it awesome. This is just one example of many very large pieces of artwork that are on display throughout the city. The parks are beautiful, the riverside is wonderful, the skyline is spectacular, and the venues are numerous–they have to be in order to display over 1,000 pieces of art.

a cartoon man wearing a yellow coat and blue jeans standing by a wall in a garden

Not all art is typical. Yes, there are paintings, carvings, and sculptures. However, there are also unusual works that are made of string or light along with one of my favorites: a guy has painted himself in a cartoonish manner and walks around town and assumes a pose in unique places. This photo depicts live human art. It is cool and it asks the viewer to redefine what art is, or what art could be. ArtPrize 10 is the continuing contest that tests our current understanding of art and the directions in which it is moving to create new art forms and motifs alongside everything that is conventional.

a patchwork of matchsticks with green tips that create a portrait of rock star Jim Morrison

Grand Rapids is about 2 hours from the Munro House in Jonesville. It is a place where people can view a portrait of Jim Morrisson made entirely of matchsticks. It is a place where artists are creating murals on their vehicles. It is a place where simple art showcases its greatness. It is a place where an iconic bridge is recreated piece-by-piece to an exact scale. If your goal is to get to ArtPrize and you are coming from Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Nashville, or Indianapolis, Jonesville is a great waypoint on the trip to rest before arriving at the largest art contest in the world. All of the art will be on display through October 7. Some of the art will remain on display longer. This time of the year is a great time to visit Michigan. The Fall Colors are becoming more brilliant every day making the natural beauty of the state a must-see work by Mother Nature on your way to Grand Rapids. 

a cartoon depiction of the future with little orange men driving futuristic vehicles or living in bubbles a painting of a cowboy wearing a yellow shirt and red bandanna leaning over to kiss a girl in a field of cattlea small scale of a locomotive train crossing a blue bridge




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