Fall Colors Getaway to Southern Michigan


Blacktop road with yellow centerline surrounded by trees in brilliant fall colors of yellow and orange with a green Jonesville City Limit signMichigan fall colors will be turning soon. Bright sunshine and warm temperatures will combine for the best time to enjoy Fall Colors in Southern Michigan. The leaves will change over time beginning in early September and approach peak color sometime in late October with colors diminishing while leaves continue to fall into early November. The fields are being harvested, produce is being put on display and sold at farms and town markets around Hillsdale County. Right now is a great time to be riding the country roads of Southern Michigan to enjoy the fabulous colors of the season during the warm and bright days and the cool nights of September, October, and November. 

A large long low overhanging tree branch with vivid yellow leaves on a dirt road lined with green pine trees beside green grass covered with fallen brown and yellow leavesI enjoy Southern Michigan motorcycle tours very often to take advantage of the beauty of Hillsdale County. Pumpkin patches are full, farm machines are harvesting crops, and the Amish are doing it the old fashioned way–with big draft horses. The roads I like to ride include Jonesville Road with an abundance of Amish farms. Litchfield Road has views that change from forests to grain fields and back again. Hillsdale Road from the city to the state line has it all–farms, forests, and fields. These features combine for an outstanding scenic ride. We are expecting peak colors in Michigan to last through October and possibly into early November.  In the recent past, Fall colors have been enjoyable as late as mid-November.  However, the Fall color season is totally up to Mother Nature, and anything can happen. Now is the time to enjoy a Southern Michigan Fall Getaway.

A brown 4 board fence along a dirt road with green grass and trees in various fall colors of red, yellow, orange, and green against a light blue skyIn an era of mega-farms, there are still many smaller operations throughout Southern Michigan. Many of them are family farms, some of them are Amish farms. It is easy to spot an Amish farm. Clue #1 is a 2 story white farmhouse with no window shutters. Clue #2 is the absence of power lines, as the Amish in Southern Michigan reject the use of telephones and electricity. Clue #3 is the absence of tractors and other farm machinery and the presence of large draft horses. Clue #4 is laundry hanging on a clothesline drying in the breeze. These farms and the activity on them is a pleasantly surprising and beautiful depiction of hard work being done the old-fashioned way.

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