It’s a great time to visit us at the Munro House!

We know it’s been a long couple years, but what better way to kick off the start of this potentially great year then spending some time in Jonesville.  We offer a great relaxing place to enjoy time on your own, with a loved one, or to just explore somewhere new.

We have a wonderful set of antique malls located just 5 miles west of us in Allen, the antique capital of Michigan.  We are extremely blessed with a number of amazing restaurants with 2 of them even being within walking distance of our home.  Not only that, but we also even have a community micro brewery located within walking distance.

For those that just want a getaway, we are still offering massages, dinner packages, and girls getaways.  On top of these great things, we even offer wedding services that are all done completely in house with no hassle coming to you.

So what has changed recently at the Munro House over the past couple of years?  2020 was extremely difficult on us as Mike passed away in April that year.  Since then, Lori, Chris, and Suzette have continued to run the Munro House and have been having a great time doing it.  We even purchased two new Scottish terriers named Millie and Janie who just happen to be the best dogs we’ve ever had.

During this time my wife Suzette worked as a Registered Nurse and really helped so many people over the past few years.  We couldn’t be more proud of her.  She is like a super hero to me and we are so happy she is here with us.

We have since started building a new kitchen (we still have our previous one, so nothing is interrupted!), built a new pantry area, moved a staircase, and upgraded a few of our amenities around the house.  We are extremely pleased at the progress being made and look forward to showcasing the finished project in the upcoming weeks.

I apologize for not updating this, but more frequent blogs will be coming in the same manner that my father made them.  Expect random reviews on movies, restaurants, musings of the world, appreciation of guests, and just a general great place to read to remember that there is plenty of things to smile about.

Life is good in Jonesville.

Peace and love!

Chris Venturini at the Munro House

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