So we went out to try something new!

Greetings from Jonesville, Michigan!

What a great year we are having here in Jonesville.  We ended up taking a little vacation over to the nation’s capital in May and have just been soaking up the sun a lot.  So what is this thing that we tried that was new?  Well we went up to Hamtramck, Michigan and ate lunch at the Balkan House.  Let’s just say, I have been missing out for my entire life.  Prepare yourself!

The döner kebab or as my wife called it, the greatest sandwich in existence.  This kebab is not served on a stick.  It is not served on a pita.  No no no!  It is served on a piece of Turkish pide bread that is simply sliced like a bagel down the middle.  You can get it with the traditional beef and lamb or with chicken.  It is then topped with onions, lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, a yogurt based sauce that is not tzatziki (but it is close!), pickled red cabbage, and some sweet paprika to top it off.  Check this little feller out.  There is a lot of the lamb and beef mix, it’s just hard to see with all the other goodies on it.  It was amazing to say the least!  Check back in for more from the Munro House Bed and Breakfast in Jonesville!

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