Life with Scottish Terriers at the Munro House

So many people have pets ranging from dogs to cats to snakes to horses…wow way too many to go through.  We prefer our little Scotties.  Prior to our 3 now (Millie, Janie, and Olllie) we have had Clyde, Nicki, Ernie, Reggie, Gilbert, Ozzie and now the newest of our furry friends.

I am currently 42 years old and have been with a Scottish Terrier for my entire life and couldn’t really imagine not having one.  My wife never had a dog growing up and she was on the fence at first, but I catch her taking a nap and smothered in Scotties!  They are an interesting dog, they might not be the smartest, but they certainly are funny and clever.  They are so loveable, but are perfectly content just relaxing by themselves.  They aim to please, but are also content just doing dog things outside.

I always worry when guests come over, what if they don’t like my dogs, what if they are scared of them, and what is funny, it never ends as my fears suggest.  They absolutely love everyone and from what I have seen, the feeling is mutual with our guests!  It is nothing short of amazing to see a person who may have not had the best day be greeted by a little critter who absolutely can turn any moment into a memorable one.

I feel lucky to have been chosen by these little dogs as theirs and I hope that everyone gets to see them so they too can have a little piece of love like I get everyday.

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